Usurp Zone5 Film Festival

Usurp Zone5 is an eclectic festival curated by the Usurp Art Gallery that will showcase inventive work by low-budget / no budget film and video makers.

We have had an amazing response to the call out for our summer film and video festival. Submissions are now closed and the curatorial process has begun.

Festival dates: 17 July – 2 August 2015.
More details soon.

Think – abstract, absurd, activist, animated, asemic, clandestine, collage, conceptual, cut-ups, environment, experimental, glitsch, graffiti,  graphic, identity, kinetic, outsider, paracinematic, performance, plunderphonic, poetry, radio, rebellious, scores, sci-art, scratch, silent, sonic, subterranean, subversive, surreal, synesthetic, typographic, video art…

Thanks to Film Hub London, Film London and the BFI. #usurpzone5

,  follow our Facebook page and watch videos of recent performances on our You Tube channel. “Suburbs are libertarian, eccentric, humane. By comparison with a city street, a leafy avenue, with its rampant hedges, has an appealing openness. Even a fruitful sense of anarchy.” Paul Barker – ‘The Freedoms of Suburbia’

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‘Walking’s New Movement’ by Phil Smith

‘Walking’s New Movement’ by Phil Smith

A book about developments in walking and walk-performance for enthusiasts, practitioners, students and academics. In ‘Walking’s New Movement’Phil Smith considers where things are at for walking (as art and as performance), psychogeography, and the use and abuse of public space.

"PhonoPollock" © Poulomi Desai

Kino-Present – 15 second bluetooth cinema

Kino-Present is a Quantum Filmmaking project inviting everyone, anywhere and anytime to the co-creation of video-collages, by using domestic web based, wireless and mobile technologies. Send your 15 second video-clips and they will broadcast them via Bluetooth in the public domain. You can also upload them directly onto the website in 3gp-H.264 format. Then, edit Read More

Conspirators of Pleasure live on NTS Radio 3rd April

Conspirators of Pleasure live on NTS Radio 3rd April

Friday 3 April 2015

Listen to the Conspirators of Pleasure  performing live in the studio on Graham Dunning’s  ‘Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone’ radio show on NTS Live on Friday 3rd April. read more»

Noise Colloquium at the University of Greenwich

Noise Colloquium at the University of Greenwich

21 - 22 March 2015

“The University of Greenwich is hosting a two-day colloquium to explore noise as a concept that embraces the expressive, the idea of noise as a resistance and, through mutating repetition, a catalyst for creative production. From this perspective noise moves out of the solely auditory register into a multisensory realm of non- representational logic.” Speakers Read More

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