Metroland Returns!

Art, Creativity and Tech Festival in Metroland.

Our Metroland media project returns for summer 2019. Comprising of the Usurp Arts Lab, Usurp Zine group and a new mystery artist, this will be another borough wide festival and workshop based learning lab, with lots of tech and electronic creativity for women. Watch this space for more info.

Photopoetics – Cyanotypes, Tea toning and Poetry

23 - 25 August 2019

Free workshops mixing up cyanotypes, tea toning and poetry. Plus, introduction to opportunities and advice on employment in arts and culture.

Free workshops for people in Harrow on low income, unemployed or in receipt of benefits. We will explore and create individual and collective photo poems using the cyanotype and tea-toning processes, and surrealist word games. The Cyanotype process is a photographic printing process that utilizes UV light to create an image that is cyan/blue in color. The process was invented by Sir John Hershel in 1842 and is made up of ammonium ferric citrate and potassium ferricyanide and is nontoxic. There will also be an introduction to opportunities and advice on employment in the arts and culture sectors.

No previous experience in art making is needed and a experienced artist tutor will lead you though the techniques and processes. All materials and refreshments are provided. A £10 refundable deposit will be required to secure your place – email us to book.

Harrow LGBTQ youth photo workshops

Photography workshops and exhibition with Harrow LGBTQ youth

A free photography project over six months with Harrow LGBTQ youth learning how to use cameras, developing and printing and how to create and use images that represent the self and communities, to raise confidence, campaign, educate and change prejudice. This is the third in a series of projects stemming from the Art on the Underground (previously called Platform for Arts)  “Red Threads” exhibitions.

The Usurp Tapes Vol.1

“Nothing disappears completely...In space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows...” Limited edition cassette & download from Usurp's Conspirators of Pleasure featuring Poulomi Desai, Simon Underwood & Jonas Gustafson.

Usurp Open Space – regenerating an empty shop in Harrow town centre

Usurp is delighted to announce that it has opened another creative, public space in an empty shop in the centre of Harrow.

UPDATE: We are very sorry to say that our wonderful shop regeneration initiative – a first for Harrow, has been closed down. Apparently, the council’s business unit wrote to the landlords intimating that the charity Healthy Planet, that we were working with was charging rent – of course it wasn’t, and the charity has written a strong worded response to this.

Selections from our archive

Making sense of stereoscopic vision

Commissioned workshop based project for students to understand the use of stereoscopes in the past to make sense of landscapes and topography. Students learnt about the use in photogeology, military usage, the history of making stereoscopic apparatus and its applications in leisure, and psycho-physiological issues of seeing in stereo / 3D. Students made their own stereoscopic photographs of imagined landscapes and used vintage stereoscopes to view.

Thanks to NCVO and all the schools involved. More workshops in 2018.

Creative Industries – what does this mean

An introduction to what the purse string holders mean by the creative industries and how you can get involved. From start up web based services to fine art studios, there has been a shift to private funding of the arts and creative spaces. The mantras include “become a landlord and see your investment grow, become a tenant on a short lease and sell things”. Who benefits, who loses out in the long run, and what will be left for the public to shape our

All tickets gone – sorry – we will organise another one soon.

Usurp Meets James Joyce

This project was Commissioned by ‘Waywords and Meansigns’ an ambitious and forward looking idea to set Joyce’s seminal and experimental novel to music. We are delighted that the project has been featured in The Guardian newspaper:

“We Are The Lions” the story of the Grunwick strike 1976 -1978

Usurp is delighted that we are involved with the Grunwick 40 exhibition, “We are the Lions” that has been researched and curated by our artistic director, Poulomi Desai and organised by the Grunwick 40 group.


Marcia Farquhar & Reynir Hutber

Usurp Art is proud to present the premiere screening of “And I”, an eight hour collaborative video work by performance artist and notorious orator, Marcia Farquhar and experimental filmmaker, Reynir Hutber.

Usurp Art & Banana House Delhi present Ohmsonic

Conspirators of Pleasure, Da Saz & Hemant Sreekumar.

International Women’s Day British Music Collection

Happy International Women’s Day with the British Music Collection!

Commissioned by Sound and Music | Google Cultural Institute.

Usurp Art at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi India

Saturday 19 March 2016

2 - 6pm Free All Welcome

Usurp was proud to present, in collaboration with the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi India, a selection of screenings from our acclaimed, experimental film festival, Usurp Zone5, featuring more than 50 works from over 15 countries. Many of the award winning films were screened for the first time in India.  Our free event was very well attended and the response was amazing –  visitors were so excited and appreciative to experience such a diverse and engaging selection of experimental films they all left wanting more!

Finnegans Wake Revisited

This recording from Usurp’s Conspirators of Pleasure features Annette Perry (voice) and Simon Underwood & Poulomi Desai (sound design). It forms part of an ongoing project setting James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to music.

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