The New Normal Memorial

Beyond a Plinth and an Headstone

Usurp Art moves on beyond what it has faced…We celebrate again to create something new with QTIPOC /BAME /BIPOC artists and creative thinkers (we embrace all acronyms over the decades as they float, get broken and transform) …We appreciate the emergency funding from Arts Council England to support us right now – the usual financial “greedy capitalist” models have been failing our communities for a long time with people kicking back against it – we need new models for living beyond surviving.

Usurp Art is proud to be commissioning: Black Venus, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Lyall Hakaraia, Raju Rage and Nad Ma, Say It Loud Club, Tanoa Sasraku, The Mollusc Dimension, Umber Ghauri.

South Asian LGBTQIA+ movie night ‘Together’

In a crisis that has hit minority communities hardest of all, Usurp Art in Harrow has been working with South Asian LGBTQIA+ communities and artists to produce a brand new film featuring a vibrant, reflective and joyous mix of performances from a variety of artistic disciplines, including comedy, dance, songs, storytelling and poetry. Together celebrates the power of the human spirit to overcome hardship and shine a spotlight on communities most affected by Covid19. Big thanks to Harrow Arts Centre. We have been supporting Black and Asian LGBTQIA+ communities since Covid 19 struck through food, advice, and metal health support since the start (see our other work on the website) and this is one of the outcomes through bringing people together.

Together – learning, thinking, building

Update: In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, this project has temporarily moved online from the wonderful space, Open Ealing, with art workshops, presentations and one to one telephone support to those isolated and facing any abuse. Please contact us if you would like to participate and / or need support, advice, food delivery, housing and any financial need as we can help through our BAME LGBTQ+ friends, networks and allies – everything will be kept anonymous as per our charity policies. An arts based and social agenda project to bring together older South Asian LGBTQ+ people in Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow to support each other and collectively build our futures.

Covid 19 – Support for Harrow 2020

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Usurp Art is pleased to announce that we have created a support fund during the Covid 19 pandemic from a much welcomed donation received for Harrow from the wonderful, Malti and Anant Patel in New York. Initially this is targeted for individuals who tirelessly work behind the scenes with some of the most vulnerable, and many times at their own expense. Usurp Art has worked with some of the groups in supporting their creativity in Harrow.  The first support is for David Phelops who runs “More than just a choir” that provides musical creativity for people affected by mental ill-health, in a friendly and safe environment. They would normally hold weekly rehearsals and organise several public performances each year and have now become online. More announcements of support to follow.


Selections from our archive

South Asian LGBTQIA+ movie night ‘Together’

Together celebrates the power of the human spirit to overcome hardship and shine a spotlight on communities most affected by Covid19.

Making sense of stereoscopic vision

Commissioned workshop based project for students to understand the use of stereoscopes in the past to make sense of landscapes and topography. Students learnt about the use in photogeology, military usage, the history of making stereoscopic apparatus and its applications in leisure, and psycho-physiological issues of seeing in stereo / 3D. Students made their own stereoscopic photographs of imagined landscapes and used vintage stereoscopes to view.

Creative Industries – what does this mean

An introduction to what the purse string holders mean by the creative industries and how you can get involved. From start up web based services to fine art studios, there has been a shift to private funding of the arts and creative spaces. The mantras include “become a landlord and see your investment grow, become a tenant on a short lease and sell things”. Who benefits, who loses out in the long run, and what will be left for the public to shape our

“We Are The Lions” the story of the Grunwick strike 1976 -1978

Usurp is delighted that we are involved with the Grunwick 40 exhibition, “We are the Lions” that has been researched and curated by our artistic director, Poulomi Desai and organised by the Grunwick 40 group.

Usurp Art Professional Development Workshop

Usurp Art  in collabaration with Creative Capital presents a one day workshop on Arts Management, Funding Strategy, Proposal writing and marketing. Facilitated by Manick Govinda, Emilia Telese and Jacquie Moses.



Usurp Art is proud to present the premiere screening of “And I”, an eight hour collaborative video work by performance artist and notorious orator, Marcia Farquhar and experimental filmmaker, Reynir Hutber.

Usurp Art at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi India

Usurp was proud to present, in collaboration with the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi India, a selection of screenings from our acclaimed, experimental film festival, Usurp Zone5, featuring more than 50 works from over 15 countries. Many of the award winning films were screened for the first time in India.  Our free event was very well attended and the response was amazing –  visitors were so excited and appreciative to experience such a diverse and engaging selection of experimental films they all left wanting more!