“Cacophony” Sound Installation at The Mead Gallery 1999-2000

Poulomi Desai

1 December 1999 - 1 January 2001

“Cacophony” – A 16 channel acousmatic, experimental, soundscape installation, with live randomly generating code, live feeds, acoustic illusions. In a 3000 sq ft, blacked out space, over 150 voices created a spatial play of sound illusions through a range of languages, dialects, accents, pitch and timbre suggesting at and questioning fixed notions of political and cultural identities. This immersive, transmogrifying installation led the listener on a unique intimate journey through the space, sometimes with poetic, gentle whispers, barely heard and misheard, literally near their ears, and at times creating a cacophony of competing voices wrapped in acoustic hallucinations ‘pleading to be heard’. The piece was created as a site specific installation, with improvisations, performances, workshops and acoustic experiments over a period of a year. A subsequent online interpretation was created by Simon Underwood as available below.

Play Cacophony Here: www.usurp.org.uk/cacophony

Installation concept and recordings by Poulomi Desai and exhibited at the Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre in February 1999 – 2000 and is an early example of an artist working with sound, random code and voices for a large-scale installation. This exhibition and subsequent web project interpretation was commissioned by The Mead Gallery and Moti Roti.

Adaptation for the web by Simon Underwood.