Terrorised Identities Performance

Poulomi Desai

30 August - 9 September 2003

Usurp presents “Terrorised Identities” Evolving Performance Sound and Projections. Exploring Arenas of Protest Activism and Art.

A powerful indictment on the failures of governments, capitalist globalisation and our own roles in resistance and passivity.

It asks, how do we build new forms of political alliances and solidarities and how do we make this international?

Performed and exhibited at:
Contact Theatre Manchester England 2004
Birmingham Rep Theatre England 2004

T.I.1 – Performance Slides and Sound
Who controls the changes and forces determining our identities and does the current discourse favour our futures?

Are we more alienated than ever from ourselves and from each other?
Will the New American Century project continue to define the World?
Who killed Blackness and what does it mean to be Asian?
How many are detained? Killed in custody?

An improvised performance by Poulomi questioning perceptions of political and cultural identity.

Who is considered the new threat of ‘The Terrorist’ and can this be subverted?

T.I.2 LED screens and recycled oak
A dynamic statement upon the recent years of international protests against war.

It highlights the passion, humour and politics of individuals and movements who create their own commentary through banners, placards, chants and slogan.

Viewers are encouraged to write their own slogans and statements in chalk on the hoarding.

T.I.3 Projections
A poignant memory journey through the often erased political history of Asians in this country to presnt day, encompassing a range of communities who have struggled and protested and continue to do so, against racism, deportation, domestic violence and state sanctioned violence.

T.I.4 Sound pieces
(the art of scat)

Mad Dogs and Englishmen meet Poetic Terrorism in the Toilets