Terrorised Identities Workshops Workshop

Poulomi Desai, Simon Underwood

9 August - 30 September 2003

Workshop “Terrorised Identities”

A Workshop by Usurp (Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood)

This workshop takes a critical look at various ways both personal and collective identities are constructed and performed in the digital domain, and especially on the net.

In particular we shall focus on using the Internet to explore issues around global and local identities and how this has transformed the nature of political and artistic activity in the light of George Bush’s ‘War on Terror’.

Participants are encouraged to bring objects, photos, documents, books or any other personal items they wish to contribute to the making of a ‘digital group identity’ to be presented and made available on the World Wide Web.

Any personal items participants wish to contribute will be digitally photographed or scanned during the workshop session and persons will not be asked to part with original items.

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in issues of identity, politics, globalisation and artistic practices on the net. Participants do not need to be experienced Internet users. However a basic level of computer use would be an advantage.

Usurp are a loose group of tactical media artists who work around issues of identity, technology, community, politics and performance.