19 June - 30 November 2020

Creative Digital Art Commissions for artists and creative makers and thinkers

Covid 19 - Support for Harrow 2020

Usurp Art is pleased to announce that we have been able to create a support fund from a much welcomed donation received for Harrow from Malti and Anant Patel in New York.

The Usurp Tapes Vol.1

“Nothing disappears completely...In space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows...” Recordings of the Usurp Art Building. Limited edition cassette & download from Usurp's Conspirators of Pleasure featuring Poulomi Desai, Simon Underwood & Jonas Gustafson.

The Future in / of the Past - Leverhulme Trust
Poulomi Desai

“The Future in / of the Past” by artist and musician, Poulomi Desai. A series of artworks / gifts created as part of a residency funded by the Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Grant at Heritage Quay, the archives of the University of Huddersfield 2016 - 2017.

Usurp Meets James Joyce
Tuesday 2 February 2016

An ambitious and forward looking project Commissioned by ‘Waywords and Meansigns’ to set Joyce's seminal and experimental novel to music.

Experimental Sounding Board
Thursday 1 August 2013

Usurp Art was resident at The Experimental Sounding Board Lab at the University of Brighton in July 2013. The Experimental Sounding Board is a live platform for performance and mark-making collaborations between sonic and visual modes of improvisation through the exploration of technology and gesture. The project sets out to bring people together within virtual and physical spaces from a range of creative research fields and technical abilities located in different geographical locations.

Peace Wish Tree
Sunday 1 November 2009

Students at the school wanted to explore the idea of peace and how they could create something that would become a sculptural piece that could be added to over time.

London Underground
Tuesday 3 March 2009

A simultaneous visual landscape of the London Underground based on Disinformation's London Underground audio project.

The Journey Travelled
18 June - 13 September 2008

New video works of animations, installations, and projections, which were developed through a series of intimate interviews, workshops, and collaborative film-making over four months with individual girls and women, and groups in Islington.

Hyperbolic Crotchet Reef
11 June 2008 - 30 September 2014

Large-scale, constantly mutating series of handmade crochets replicate the forms of natural coral and is an ongoing, growing project.

Monday 7 August 2006

Exhibitions and sound installations on Exhibition road at The Serpentine Gallery, The V&A, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and The Royal Geographical Society.

Red Threads
11 November - 12 December 2005

Here in the outer suburbs of London, it is easy to collude with the notion that 'culture' is located in central London, or in the case of the visual arts, in East London.

Poulomi Desai
Sunday 31 July 2005

Poulomi will transform herself into a 21 st century bellowing Yakshini.

Behind Closed Doors
Poulomi Desai
Thursday 2 October 2003

A challenging series of lightboxes and installations produced by Asian women who have faced domestic violence, highlighting personal narratives and exploring wider issues of domestic violence and global/state sanctioned violence.

Terrorised Identities
Poulomi Desai, Simon Underwood
30 August - 9 September 2003

A polemical celebration of recent resistance to neo-liberal imperialism in a group exhibition addressing identity.

Poulomi Desai, Parm Kaur
1 March - 1 June 2001

This web project is part of the outcome of a residency created by Poulomi Desai with an award from the Year of the Artist Programme.

1 March - 1 June 2001

Part of the outcome of a short residency created by Poulomi Desai with an award from the Year of the Artist Programme.