Chila Burman’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010 – the first retrospective

Chila Burman

14 August - 31 October 2010

Usurp Art Gallery proudly presents “Chila Burman’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition” – the first ever retrospective of Chila Burman, celebrating over 30 years of experimental and provocative art by one of the leading figures among UK Black / Asian artists. This reflective exhibition of Chila’s works over decades with it’s allusions to the Royal Academy’s floor to ceiling presentations, questions power, identity, colonialism, geographical placement and class. Poulomi Desai as the curator presents Chila Burman’s art works as a testament to “immigrant women’s” resilience to sexism, racism, patriarchy, and intersectional stereotypes within a much wider debate. It is also a celebration of Chila’s life that relates to all of our lives on the outer edges and welcomes everyone into it, giving us hope and ways of moving through with new visions. The artist and curator worked together to create an immersive dialogue with local communities to create an exhibition that confronts, sets up dialogue for thinking and gives voice to inspire for deep changes in the way we perceive and challenge assumptions.

Glitter and bindis collide with print, paint, photographic and mixed media in Chila Burman’s explorations of the constructions of classed, gendered, sexualised and ‘raced’ subjectivities, personal memories, and the physicality and pleasures of visual materials.

Experience a fiesty dynamic in the intimacy of looking and questioning.

Curated by Poulomi Desai

Selected images