Experimental Sounding Board

Usurp Art was resident at The Experimental Sounding Board Lab at the University of Brighton in July 2013. Usurp Art worked with conductive copper, chemical and ink materials that deteriorated, creating sonic variations and visual patina. The Experimental Sounding Board opens up a sonically controlled playground by performers, inviting participants to experiment and engage with various forms of technical interventions through exploring gesture and expression via mark-making. The Experimental Sounding Board Open Lab is a five day laboratory set to explore our relationship between technology and human gesture. Through collaborative experimentation artists will look at sonic and visual modes of improvisation. Focus will be on the group to explore and develop ideas in a performance environment that will be open to the public.

The Open Lab brings together artists specialising in hardware, software, performance, music, improvisation, experimentation, acoustics, digital media, visual arts, science, technology, in both academic and non academic fields.

The project sets out to bring people together within virtual and physical domains from a range of creative research fields situated in different geographical locations.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: John M. Bowers, Debbie Guinnane, James Watts, Manoli Moriaty, Rachael Finney, Simon Underwood + Poulomi Desai as ‘The Conspirators of Pleasure’, Aidan Taylor, Andrew Jarvis, Rowan Forestier-walker, Lorah Pierre, Louise Harris, Nick Kilby, Luke Twyman and Adam Denton as ‘Trans/Aktion’.