International Women’s Day British Music Collection

Happy International Women’s Day with the British Music Collection!

Commissioned by Sound and Music | Google Cultural Institute.

“Creating this online exhibition has been inspiring, reflective, joyful, intense and hard work. There were many gems in the archives at the collection, from autograph manuscripts to quizzical graphic scores, to old recordings and photographs. I have produced / curated this online exhibition within two weeks including two fascinating, intensive research days at the University of Huddersfield where the archives are preserved carefully, cataloging and colour correcting dozens of photographs, and uploading, and designing the exhibition on an online software that I sometimes wanted to scream funeral dirges at. I hope you find it stimulating and informative. This is just the beginning of an “unfinished” story and I hope to be able to re-visit the archives to highlight more of what is hidden and waiting for us to discover.” Poulomi Desai

Featured amongst many others are – Composers, Sound Artists, Conductors, Musicians, Sound Magicians, Wordsmiths: Alwynne Pritchard, Angela Morley, Anna Friz, Claudia Molitor, Diana Burrell, Errollyn Wallen, Ethel Leginska, Ethel Smyth, Feminist Improvising Orchestra, Iris Garrelfs, Janet Beat, Jo Thomas, Judith Weir, Lindsay Cooper, Magz Hall, Michelle Marie Lewis-King, Nicola LeFanu, Phyliss Tate, Polystyrene, Priti Paintal, Rebecca Horrox, Rebecca Saunders,  Riot Grrrls, Riz Maslen, Shirley J. Thompson, Yumi Hara Caukwell.


The original call out as below.

Poulomi Desai of Usurp has been chosen for the curation of an online exhibition for Sound and Music and the Google Cultural Institute. The exhibition is for the British Music Collection for International Women’s Day on 8 March 2015. Poulomi wants to highlight new works by living composers and artists and wants you to be part of it. Here is Poulomi’s call out:

Using the idiom of “A wo (man)’s work is never done”, I am exploring what might be considered, ‘feminist’ and ‘radical’ –  from everyone who considers themselves to be on the margins – artistic, social, cultural, political. I am specifically interested in finding:
1) ‘Unfinished’ pieces 2) Noise based, Dada, Fluxus, ‘nonsense’, multi-lingual, poetry, radio, video and text sound works, and graphic scores. I want to highlight work that is on the fringes of contemporary, new music scenes and interweave this with archived works from the British Music Collection at the University of Huddersfield. My intention is to make this archive broader in it’s outlook and  I encourage sound makers and musicians to register their works with the British Music Collection. Your work will also be highlighted here on the Usurp website.