3 ELECtronicA’S

Friday 24 January 2014

Lorah Pierre, Ewa Justka and Poulomi Desai perform at DE PLAYER, Hillelaan 49d, 3072 JE Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Three artists characterised by the fact that they develop their own electronic devices for the use of making sound in a sculptural and performative way. See more at:  http://deplayer.nl/events/3-electronicas

Lorah Pierre is an artist whose practice explores the nature of ‘event’ through live working collaborations in physical and virtual spaces. Projects focus on experimentation across a number of disciplines – the recycling of materials, self-built hardware, hacking and bending, along with a DIY ethos allowing interactive installations and performances to develop out of temporal space. She has collaborated with scientists, performers and musicians. Pierre is the founder and curator of The Experimental Sounding Board, a live platform for collaboration between sonic and visual modes of improvisation. www.lorahpierre.com

Poulomi Desai is a self taught multi-media artist, best known for her large-scale sound and photography installations that interrogate the politics of identity, listening and perception. Inspired by her post-punk theatre background, her tools are image-based, textual, performative and acoustic, traversing boundaries of physical location and structures of presentation. Her current pre-occupation investigates sacrilegious sound and vision through the machinations of her prepared, modified sitar, electronics and slide projections, performing on the noise and free improv scenes. She runs the Usurp Art Gallery and studios, an experimental tactical media artist-led space where she has curated over 80 exhibitions and events. “Her irreverent aim is to shatter the contours of these fixed notions of sexual, national, cultural, personal, political and diasporic identities” – Professor Stuart Hall “Different” Pub. Phaidon. www.poulomidesai.tumblr.com

Ewa Justka uses DIY sensors, pulsing, desynchronized lights, fire – everything which is a source of glare and builds cacophonic rhythms. The construction of live performance is based on oppositions – light/dark, sound/silence. Ewa is a Polish electronic artist based in London, her current preoccupations mostly concern the possible inter-relationship between light/sound and an acoustic instrument (accordion)/electronic devices. www.ewajustka.tumblr.com