Said Adrus at 198

20 November 2014 - 20 January 2015

198 Contemporary Arts & Learning
Curated by Maria M. Kheirkhah
Exhibition: 20th November 2014 – 20th January 2015
Private view:  20th November 2014   6.30-9pm

Said Adrus marks the centenary of World War 1 at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning by revisiting his long standing project “Lost Pavilion”. Said’s video installation and photographic series comes amidst a backdrop of activities commemorating the first world war and highlights the contributions and presence of Indian Muslim, Sikh and Hindu soldiers and officers, reflecting on ideas relating to Diaspora, especially South Asian Diaspora in its broader context. Said says, “I intend to introduce a personal element in the project as ‘homage’ to my late father Amumiya H Adrus, who alongside countless other South Asians, were part of the British Army during the World Wars”. Through his artistic and archival research on the Muslim Burial Ground Said continues to highlight issues around sites, memorials, war, empire and British Asian History. It is with such intention that Said capture’s the reflective spirit of a subject that is complex and close to the heart of many in the UK.

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