Usurp performing in Newhaven Fort at Fort Process

Saturday 13 September 2014

Poulomi Desai is creating a new performance based installation, exploring the acoustic textures of the structure of the fort. Her modified sitar will “sing” a tribute to the remarkable engineering history of the fort and lament the continual lust for war and invasion.

Fort Process draws together multi-disciplinary sound expressions and presents them in the mysterious caverns, tunnels and open spaces of Newhaven Fort. This unique, one day, sound event offers cave noise, free-jazz sunshine, abstract chamber dungeons and more. Also featuring Peter Brötzmann, Max Eastley, Zimoun, Steve Noble, John Butcher, Sarah Angliss, The Artaud Beats, Thomas Köner, Embla Quickbeam, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, The Sleepwalkers, Hysteresis, Aqua Dentata, Timothy Didymus, Philippe Petit and Plurals. Talks and workshops by Alastair Kemp,Haunted Shoreline, Michael O’Leary, Jon Weinel and Dan Wilson.

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