Naissance Launch Event

Naissance Launch Event

The launch of the Usurp Art Gallery on 12 Feb 2010 was a huge success. Over 400 people came through the gallery filling the spaces with excitement and warmth.

Many of the artists were present and chatted about their work which was much appreciated. The public filled our comments book with big praise for the artworks and the space. The musicians were amazing, freeforming between the dub bass sounds of Dr Das (founder of Asian Dub Foundation), classical harpist Russell Martin and the incredible voice of internationally renowned Ghazal singer Najma Akhtar, and classical singer Sonia Mehta.

A big thank you to our launch sponsor: Mr. Manubhai Madhvani

“This is the best art opening I have ever been to!” Alia Syed Film-maker

“I lived in Harrow for years – this has been a fantastic night and I am so glad that this is finally happening here”Paul Goodwin – Tate Britain

Selected images from the launch

And some videos …..