Optophonic Festival, Sheffield

Conspirators of Pleasure

Excerpt from improvised performance by the Conspirators of Pleasure at the Optophonic Festival organised by Peak Signal 2 Noise at Montgomery Theatre, Tramlines Sheffield. 26th July 2014

The Optophonic Festival was a day of participatory workshops and exploratory performances combining film and sonic experiment and hands-on creative contagion for all. Also featuring workshops and performances by Adam Bohman, Sharon Gal, Heather Leigh, Rhodri-Davies, Murray-Royston-Ward, Blood-Stereo, Human-Heads, Mick-Beck, Luke-Poot, Blue Yodel and McWatt/Bettany. Thanks to Cathy Soreny and all the crew at Peak Signal 2 Noise.

Also see the performance workshop “PhonoPollock” here