Tender Constructions

Tender Constructions

Veronica Grassi

Veronica Grassi, a wonderful textile artist is now in residence in our studio in the garden and we have offered her the gallery this weekend to show her work and meet visitors.

Do come to the gallery on 5 & 6 November between 2- 7pm to meet the artist and you might get tempted to buy something special.

Tender Constructions a first solo exhibition of drawings, sculpture and installation by Veronica Grassi – personal observations of presence, absence, the mass, the fragile, fluidity and tension.

Through abstract form and restrictive mark-making, using machine stitch, Veronica fabricates three-dimensional drawings. She continually questions and experiment with simple, everyday materials to capture an ethereal, poetic quality in the work, evoking memories and narratives for the viewer. The shape of the form and surface qualities are altered through rust, gravity, collapse and deterioration exploiting the organic, random pattern, of fractals and chaos, “the order that lies in uncertainty”.

Through the mediator of stitch, soluble film and non-traditional textile materials; the restrictions of the materials are tested through wrapping, layering, sewing, soaking, moulding and heating. The materials are selected for their ephemeral and transient qualities – often, re-using discarded packaging. The environment decays and transforms. There is a chaotic rawness and non-superficiality, as time and memory of place is absorbed.

Curated by Poulomi Desai