The Usurp Tapes Vol.1

Conspirators of Pleasure

“Nothing disappears completely…In space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows…” Recordings of the Usurp Art Building. Limited edition cassette & download from Usurp’s Conspirators of Pleasure featuring Poulomi Desai, Simon Underwood & Jonas Gustafson.

Format : Cassette + Download,
Label : IMPEKA
£4 +pp


Side One – ‘Spaces’  –  an exploration of our everyday surroundings, mundane activities and forgotten objects. Located at Usurp Art, ‘Spaces’ is an inventory into the production of everyday life and an investigation into the infra-ordinary. The recordings document aspects of day to day life in the gallery through experiments in sound.

Side Two – ‘Species’ – an improvised live performance at the Usurp Gallery that concludes the inquiry into the art space as a site for public engagement and community creativity, with an emphasis on collabaration, chance and experimentation.

Poulomi Desai – modified sitar, electronics, things.
Simon Underwood  – adapted bass, electronics, stuff.
Jonas Gustafsson (special guest) – percussion, electronics, tapes.