Contemporary Art Project for Harrow Carers Charity

1 March – 30 June 2012

Usurp Art was commissioned to devise, manage and evaluate a series of project based, contemporary workshops for Harrow Carers staff and their service users. Usurp created four distinct projects led by specialist artists, each running for four to five weeks, that connected participants with different historical processes of making and conceptual, and philosophical ideas of creativity and science. The projects included, the history and artistry of camera-less film-making, geometry and mathematical ideas of infinity and its applications to textiles, the elasticity properties and possibilities of working with clay, and the history of graphic design, use of slogans and collaborative zine making.

Tutors: James Holcombe of No.w.here (Film), Dimitri Pieri (Zines), Natalie Tobert (Clay) and My Sisters and Me (Textiles).

Assistant: Fiona Ng. Programme Curator: Poulomi Desai (Usurp)

Watch our 16mm experimental film created during the filmmaking programme.