Usurp Art & Banana House Delhi present Ohmsonic

Usurp Art programmed “Ohmsonic” a night of sonic art and music in collaboration with Banana House Delhi, a brilliant makers space and design studios. This video features all the artists on the night:

00:11 – Poulomi Desai “Vermillion Sands”
00:58 – Da Saz
03:35 – Conspirators of Pleasure (Poulomi Desai & Simon Underwood)
06:00 Hemant Sreekumar

This video features the Conspirators of Pleasure performance.

“Conspirators of Pleasure” (London) are Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood, an improvising duo that seek to, bend all the rules using modified and prepared instruments. Their compositions explore experimental terrains, twisting technology to transform sounds into eerie calls that flow from intense waves of abrasive, noisy chaos to melancholic, microtonal drones. The duo are in Delhi promoting their new music and the diverse work they do at the Usurp Art Gallery and Studios in London. Website :

Hemant Sreekumar (New Delhi) has been dreaming since three decades and got involved with noise since 1986 when he started self-hypnosis using televison & radio static. He finds joy in embroidering computational processes to deal with notions of measurement, decay & emergence.

DA-SAZ (New Delhi)
Lionel Dentan is always on the move as DA-SAZ, from acoustic to experimental electronic music. Trying out new ideas, formless, shapeless, just sounds and ambient tones floating around, abstract art…you decide what you hear, or imagine…it is not readyshaped for your mind…modular synth and abstract sounds.