Usurp Arts Lab #2

Usurp Arts Lab #2

‘Protected state of Development’

Various Artists

Join us on our opening night for a new performance by Nathalie Heatherington and Sarah Fowler. Hovering around a spotlit table, visitors wait to induce the artists to make decisions. Tonight is also open for submissions from visitors – you are welcome to come and show a video piece or do a performance.

Highlights include Alice Turner’s coin operated peeping machines, Sarah Fowler’s ‘Waiting Room’ and Lara Kenworthy’s video pieces provide a fore and back ground for a changing space in which Linda Nagajeva’s latest video work doubles as an absurdist, ephemeral memorial to family anecdote. Mark Strickson’s pen drawing ‘Face in Time’, an exploration of how the human figure moves through space and time will interface with Katy O’Donovan’s sculptures from the series ‘Coated’ and Nathalie Heatherington’s sculptural work which wants to “question whether the desire to create and use technology more efficiently has brought us into conflict with our own bodies”.

Usurp Arts Lab #2 Pick and Mix Moving Art Nights

11 Oct, 7-10pm
A night of performance, film and kinetic art to dazzle the senses!
Linnet Watson brings her ‘sighted theatre’ – a theatrical female performance, Laura O’Neill presents ‘Itch’, an object playfully reflecting on the time between the static and kinetic, and Lara Kenworthy presents a new performance piece. Katy O’Donovan will be screening a work from her video series ‘Coated’, which juxtaposes objects in ways and questions what works and what doesn’t?

18 Oct, 7-10pm
A night of performance, animation and coin operated uproar!
Tonight, Louise Ginsberg explores the line between nature and nurture in her performance ‘tongue/land/hood Mother’. Linda Nagajeva extends herself in which time, body and memory transforms into a fluidity suggesting that where we are moving from and to is more like a vision than a sight – ever changing and not solid. Samuel Leonard and Christina Clark’s animations ‘Clothed Inhibitions’ and ‘Heartless Home’ featuring streakers and balloons explore touch and feeling and we are invited to peer into ‘Alice Turner’s Peculiar Peep-o-scopes’.

Closing Night Sat 29 Oct 7-10pm
Come for a party to celebrate the exhibition and all the work that has taken place! Big thanks to Neeta Mistry for all her hard work, our volunteer co-ordinator at Usurp!