Waywords & Meansigns at Usurp

On the eve of Bloomsday , Usurp Art hosted an intimate evening of Waywords and Meansigns performances, featuring live music and readings based on Joyce’s bizarre novel, “Finnegans Wake”.

The event was a great success, bringing together a wide range of artists and academics from music, spoken word, performance & beyond, and explored the possibilities of, the future of language, being, non-being, perception, listening and performativity.

MC for the night was Waywords & Meansigns project director, Derek Pyle, who navigated us through not only Joyce’s idiosyncratic text but the performers take on it.

Performers for the night (See biogs below):
Amy Neilson, Bob Kesh, Simon RossKrzysztof Bartnicki, Ollie Evans & Eleanor Massie, Conspirators of Pleasure, Neil Campbell, Waywords and Meansigns project director Derek Pyle. Expect ventriloquism, swazzling, voice synthesis, whispering and more.

Waywords and Meansigns is an internationally acclaimed project, setting James Joyce’s seminal and experimental novel “Finnegans Wake” to music.

The event was broadcast live on www.awdio.com you can listed to the audo below.

Video with excerpts from the event.

Video of a free-improv set with audience participation that followed the evening.