Raju Rage & Nad Ma

The New Normal Memorial

Beyond a Plinth and an Headstone

Raju Rage & Nad Ma

Raju Rage is proactive about using art, education and activism to forge creative survival. Based in London and working beyond, they explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies, theory and practice, text and the body and aesthetics and the political substance.

Their current interests are around value,  economies, care and resistance. They are a member of Collective Creativity arts collective, A Peoples Art Collective and a creative educator and independent scholar with an interest in radical pedagogy. Raju has a theirstory in activism, self and collective organised queer/ transgender/ people of colour movements and creative projects in London and beyond from which their politics and works draw on and from.

Nad MA is originally from CDMX, studied Human Geography at UAM-I and is a massage therapist from the University of Chapingo. Her lines are to art / body-space / gender. She belongs to various groups from the graphic arts where she collaborates with artivists. He teaches workshops on body awareness, collective mapping, art care and Drag King. With the firm belief that reality can be transformed through art, she participates in various projects where performance, installation and audiovisual production converge. Likewise, together with BATAFEMS, Red King Latinoamericana and individually give conferences, courses and workshops on sexual diversity and dissident practices.